Burlington, Vermont stylist on a budget

RavenhartRavenhart Registered Users Posts: 46
I was going to Rapunzel, but my stylist left. I followed her, but $40 is a bit steep for my budget. I tried a $20 place and... the verdict is still out. Not sure I like what they did but I'm giving it a few days. I'm trying to find a place that might be a bit more underground in price, but understands that "windblown" and "messy" doesn't equal just chopping a few random layers in and calling it done.

Anyone have any suggestions?


  • redringlets&curlsredringlets&curls Registered Users Posts: 2
    I go to Rapunzel currently and was thinking I need a change. Who were going to previously that you followed? Didn you ever give Linda a try?

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