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My son is 14 years old, and hates his curly hair. I would love to find some products for him (conditioner, gel, etc.), but he doesn't like anything that smells "girly." Any recommendations for CG products with a masculine smell? He loves the Axe line of hair care, but it's not CG and his hair looks very dry. Please help!


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    What about this American Crew conditioner:

    If that's too expensive, here is something they sell at Sally's that looks similar:,default,pd.html

    It looks like both of these are CG, but the second one has parabens a lot higher on the list (not that it is easy to avoid them!).

    Regarding gels, I buy my husband this giant tub of gel from Sally's which by chance also happens to be CG:,default,pd.html

    It comes in smaller tubs, but it is cheaper this way. I just spoon some of it into a smaller container. It has no smell I can detect (and I am sensitive to that stuff), and it is clear.

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    Thanks so much for the recommendations! I will get these this weekend and hopefully they will help.
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    Just thought I'd add that my son who is 9 likes the LA Looks Sport Gel and the smell. He's younger of course but he is a boy and picky!
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    Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!


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