Pink Hair?

curlybeautycurlybeauty Registered Users Posts: 81
let's say, hypothetically, I wanted to dye my hair bright pink.
I'd go to a salon, bleach it, dye it, the whole enchilada.
I know it'd be damaged, but would it be falling out and gross and stuff since my hair is curly?
I just felt like asking since I never see a curly with neon hair.
isn't curly hair more fragile? maybe that's it.
anyway, what would happen if I did happen to dye my hair pink?


  • PT_CudaPT_Cuda Registered Users Posts: 329
    I've done the bleach to use the Manic Panic Vampire red all over once, ok a half dozen times. And it does damage, and I didn't even go that light not even strawberry blonde.

    But with the pink depending on how deep or bright you want it you are going to have to platnium/white blonde and that is going to be a lot of trauma on your hair..

    I would honestly test a chunk of hair play with it so you can really see what kind of damage you are going to do to get that pink.. And if its worth it..

    I have been considering that color myself..

    A friend of mine wears hers that pink all the time. But she has pin straight hair and is semi-blonde to begin with..
  • kitdykitdy Registered Users Posts: 3
    I have done my hair bright pink,purple,blue,red and now black.
    For the pink and purple i used splat, it worked "ok" but my curls deflated, my hair is now in very bad condition my ends or so damaged they are pin straight.
    it was realy cute at first but as time passed it grew out and now it looks like i am transition, if you want all the extra hassle its fun but it was not all worth it.
    If you still want to, i suggest ion brand for the bleach and then a vegetable dye for the color it will fade faster but it will be less harsh
    last destruction attempt 8/5/09:confused3:
  • dezinhaferreiradezinhaferreira Registered Users Posts: 42
    pink curly hair to be beautiful! :blob2:
    Brazilian Curly Girl


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