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I just discovered this wonderful place and methods a few days ago and I have dived in head first! But, I do have a question for you all:

I am coloring my hair (all over color, only to help cover grays for my wedding next weekend!) Why oh why do I have gray at 30???

What brand would be best to use? Since I am such a recent convert to these methods, what special rules should I have my stylist follow? No products with silicones but any other instructions?

Thanks guys, this wedding is down to the wire and I want to look my best (and so do my curls!) :)



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    I started graying at 16, so I feel your pain! I'm probably 25-30% gray and use Redken Shades EQ, which is a demi-permanent hair color. The processing solution contains only 2% peroxide. I believe most professional demi-permanent color is around this amount. So, if you're having this done at a good salon, I don't think you have to worry so much about the brand.

    I do think it's best to ask for demi-permanent color rather than permanent, as it is much less damaging. It is deposit only and does a good job covering moderate amounts of gray hair.

    The other big thing to communicate well to your stylist is exactly what color you want the gray to become. Do you want it to match your hair color or do you want it a shade or two lighter to give a highlighting effect? If you can pick something from a color chart or show a picture, that would be best. You don't want to end up with a color you don't like just before your wedding.

    Most stylists wash hair after coloring. It's unlikely your stylist will have a sulfate-free shampoo to use. So you should bring some with you.

    Also, you may want to do a deep treatment 2-3 days before your color to help prepare your hair.

    This may be sacrilege, but I wouldn't switch to a CG daily routine until after your wedding since it is so close. Some people have difficulty with their hair during the transition to CG. So you could end up with problem hair for your wedding. Going CG can wait a week or two.

    Congratulations! :cheers:
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    Try a semi-permanent dye, they tend to be more gentle than the permanent stuff.. It will last long enough to cover your grey for the wedding.. Or you can play with it next time you color if you want to be %100 sure they are covered for your big day.

    I tend to just gently co-wash and really condition but gently so I can get the water to run close to clear and get some moisture back in my hair. I don't fuss with it to much. Since I just basically brushed it when I put in the color. Can you say trauma! Do give your hair a few days to settle down, mine is a little frizzy or should I say loose til it gets it balance right again. Also that will give your color a chance to settle in too..

    Mainly just give your hair that little bit of extra time to settle back down after you color.. :)

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