IS there a blush that won't make you break out?

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I expect the NARS will, but anyway...

I've tried the Neutrogena powder blush and the L'Oreal one that they are discontinuing. The latter didn't give me as much of a problem as the former, but they both cause breakouts while claiming to be non-comedogenic. BE is the worst of all.

Has anyone successfully handled this problem?


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    I use Benetint by Benefit. It's a liquid stain that absorbs into your skin. Maybe it wouldn't make you break out since it's not makeup that sits ON your skin.
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    There are some great mineral blushes that don't break me out, although if BE broke you out I'm not sure if they would or not (I've never tried BE)...

    My favorite mineral makeup lines are:

    Both supposedly have better ingredients than BE, and they're much cheaper. I like joppa's foundations better, but everyday minerals has a WONDERFUL blush selection with a variety of colors. I like Nick Nack, Apple, Siesta, and Email Me.
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    i second the suggestion for BeneTint!
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    If you like drugstore brands, I have really had a lot of luck with Jane cosmetics. I get product induced acne really easily. I have been using this for a few years now - in different colors - and have had wonderful luck.
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