Love and Hate Relationship

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I thought I would introduce myself and tell the tale of my curls and hopefully show any body who may not be fond of their hair how to love their curls.

Just as a background: -my beautiful curls are 3a and very dark brown and thick.

As like many people on this site (in particular the males i have noticed) I have had a love-hate relationship with my curls. All through my mid teens I never knew how to control it (and define it), most hairdressers didn't know how to cut it and I had many a bad hair day, but on the other hand I loved the look of it when it was moist and defined (which would frizz up when dry) and I would get many a compliment for it. I wished I had straight hair countless times but everytime I walked into a hair dresser everyone would love my hair because it is so different.

From about 17 when I finished school and started to grow it out and experiment with it til now (I am almost 20) This included different shampoos/conditioners/moisturisers/lengths/etc and am close to perfecting my management.

I found the one of the best ways to experiment was to find a 'hair idol' and try that style.

I went through my Entourage phase where I had the Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) curls going
I would get hair like this when I swam in a swimming pool (I race triathlon) so i found myself doing a lot more swimming training than I needed just so I had my hair the way I wanted it.

Now I have moved on the the curls of Italian Professional Cyclist (who many of you may not know) Filippo Pozzato.

Who has gone through a lot of styles himself and has great curls with a bit of colouring.

My process involves:

Pantene Pro V Shampoo
Pantene Pro V Conditioner
Pantene 3 min miracle treatment (once to twice a week)
Garnier leave in anti frizz conditioner
Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer

I either air dry or use a diffuser with blow dryer.

I never have bad hair days and I now love my curls! They are so distinguishing and once you know how to manage them can be very striking.

Just thought I would share and try and persuade my curly hair male companions to think twice before they buzz it all off.

Also, If anybody wants to recommend any other products that have worked well for them let me know!

Also just curios how very dark hair would respond to colouring say to this?

Lighter brown with golden blonde streaks?

Wow that was a long post


  • KaksKaks Posts: 4Registered Users
    thought i'd also mention I went through the benie phase as well when i would try and flatten out my curls

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