New here! Please help save my hair and curls!

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I was born with very curly hair (almost like Shirley Temple). I'm in my 20s now and these days it's probaby more type 2, but I can't be sure which alphabet. I'm guilty of using all kinds of crap on my hair but I've never, ever straightened it. I've only ever been to a salon once to get a trim, which I regret because the lady knew nothing about wavy/curly hair and thinned my hair out so much I still want to cry. I've been so clueless on what to use for my hair that I've tried everything from TIGI, Redken, Kerastase, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted, Avalon Organics and NISIM F.A.S.T (I freaking hate this - made my hair like straw and drop out in clumps). Some worked well, some were way too rich for my fine hair and others were so drying that my hair is very brittle. So now my hair is half the thickness it used to be, very dry and damaged. I'm taking hair supplements since I've lost so much hair from the NISIM. I also have to deal with the 90% humidity here. Everyday is frizz day. There's absolutely no shampoo/conditioner in my bathroom now and I'm scared because I don't know what to get. There's not much choice in Singapore so I may have to buy organic shampoos or buy online. I really want to try the CO method and hopefully cut down the cost...I've spent so much on haircare in my lifetime since they were mostly salon brands.

Could someone please help identify my hair type? Sorry I couldn't take a back picture. This is freshly washed and conditioned hair using sample packets of Pureology. Is it 2 A, B or C?



I'm hoping to get Nature's Gate Organic Lavender & Aloe conditioner tomorrow (or should I try the Herbal or Jojoba conditioner in case they have it?)...For others, I want to try VO5 and Suave, Jessicurl and Devacurl but have to order online and wait about a month for them to arrive.

Any tips, tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! :icon_smile:


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    It looks to be 2c in those pictures, and might even become curlier with the CG method.
    Doesn't matter which Nature's Gate, more of a personal preference.
    Since the humidity is so high there you want a hard hold gel. I think it more depends on the Dew Points though.
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    Curls=Beauty: Thanks so much!

    Could someone please recommend me a leave-in curl cream (if a CG one exisists at all) to define curls? I don't think my hair can take gel or mousse. Previously I used Elasto-Curl from Kerastase. Maybe something that's not so expensive? Thanks!
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    I am starting to learn that in the high humidity area that I live in (Memphis TN) washing my hair the night before doesn't affect my curl formation but DOES help to reduce the environmental frizz - so I thought that with the organic restoration of the jojoba shampoo and conditioner, I will not only get BETTER curl formation, but healthier hair all the way around in the process. So I'll try to post pics later...

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    There are many CG curl creams (but may be hard to find locally). [buylink=]Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme[/buylink] is a really popular one but might not work for you if you're protein sensitive. You should take a look around the board and read some reviews from curlies with similar hair.

    More importantly, though, is to get your hair moisturized and healthy before trying a lot of products. Figure out the best conditioners for your hair and find a great CG gel. I don't know what's available to you out there but some popular drugstore ones here are the Herbal Essence Set Me Up, Body Envy and Totally Twisted. LA Looks Sports Gel is hugely popular. And a little more expensive but great - Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee.
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    did nisim make your hair come out in clumps?

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