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Does anyone else have problems with root volume? or pinning or clipping roots so they aren't plastered flat to your head?
for me, after i apply product i literally almost have to scrape my scalp to get my hair off my head so i can clip/pin. when i take them out it is still a hit or miss on how it turns out.
i found a youtube video of boticellibabe showing her way of clipping, but didn't work for me.

what are your ways of clipping or pinning? anyone willing to take pictures?
(wavy wonder hoping you will chim in! your roots always look good)

yelp! its driving me nuts!
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    I can't figure this out for the life of me, either. I'm thinking perhaps part of the problem is my hair is fairly fine and my waves don't really start for a few inches past my roots. Yesterday I tried diffusing for the first time and my clips completely just slipped out of place and I had to go fishing for them through my hair. Ugh.

    I did a lot of my diffusing and conditioning with my hair hanging upside down (after some reading on I think it was the Icequeen method and Pixiecurl diffusing), and when all was said and done my hair had sprung up quite a bit but was more unruly. Like the waves were more inclined to go every which way. And the hair by my roots kind of stuck off my head, almost like you could see my scalp. Totally odd. It was almost like the clips in combo with the techniques just gave too much lift to my roots and not in a way that worked in my favor. Back to the drawing board. :laughing9:
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    Playing with....
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    - GDLV
    Waiting to try...
    CCSS, RR

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