Aveada be curly anyone??

NJrosieNJrosie Registered Users Posts: 2
Alright, so i have tried so many hair care lines for culrs.
Currently i am using the Cat Walk line Curls Rock. I feel like the shampoo and conditioner are not mouisturizing enough for my hair and the styleing products make my hair a bit too crunchy.
When i don't put anything in to my hair it is giant frizzy curls but when i use the cat walk products it is way too crunchy, so I am wanting to try Aveda's line Be curly.
has any one ever tried it before? And if you had how dod your hair react to it??


  • zcurlygirlzcurlygirl Registered Users Posts: 217
    I've tried the styling products in that line and found that I really like the leave-in conditioner (the one in the bigger bottle, not the one in the blue bottle). I haven't tried the shampoo and conditioner though...
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    I've used the conditioner and I think it works really well and smells nice and clean.

    Very thick and moisturizing-but if you want something a little cheaper try Redken Fresh Curls. I found it on sale and was surprised at how much I loved it! I haven't tried any of the styling products or the leave-in conditioner/detangler but I will soon!
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  • emelyvgemelyvg Registered Users Posts: 3
    Well my mom works for Aveda and I haven't tried any of the be curly products but I have used the be curly line I've tried these three products and I think they might work for you. The costum control gel-wax, the self control hair styling stick, and the brilliant retexturing gel with camomile. The last one was my favorite one because it kept my curls nice and they didn't frizz and it also kept my hair nice and shiny.

    The only problem is that (I don't know if your hair does this) but my hair gets used to a product if I use it for over a couple months so it like stops working so I have to be constantly switching products.

    Good luck I hope you like the aveda products.

    P.S. I also recomend the Scalp Benefits balancing shampoo and conditioner with burdock root because having curly hair my scalp tends to get dry (yours might too) and this shampoo keeps it more hydrated.
  • GotBounce_95GotBounce_95 Registered Users Posts: 9
    Ive used the be curly styling one (not sure what the name is) but it really made my curls stand out, and didnt make them crunchy. But, it doesnt really "hold-down" your hair so you might want to look into that if you need it (:

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