Brazilian Keratin Treatment (major questions)

xxCaitlinxxxxCaitlinxx Posts: 23Registered Users
hi everybody! i just wanted to know if the Brazilian keratin treatment has formaldehyde and if it gradually fades from the hair or will the treatment stay in my hair and i will just have regrowth? Thanks in advance!


  • theywilltearusaparttheywilltearusapart Posts: 15Registered Users
    It does have formaldehyde & it will wear out anywhere between 2-4months.
  • xxCaitlinxxxxCaitlinxx Posts: 23Registered Users
    thanks for replying. :)
  • Mixed ChicaMixed Chica Posts: 150Registered Users
    will this help loosen curl ?
  • xxCaitlinxxxxCaitlinxx Posts: 23Registered Users
    well i finally called my salon for an appointment and i asked that same question. they said it definitely will and it will make it so much easier to manage! and thats exactly what i want! lol they also carry the formaldehyde free versions, so thats another plus! :)
    itt will be STICK STRAIGHT the day you get it and you wont be ablle to wash your hair for 4 days i believe,and you cant use shampoo with sulfates in it (?), but then you can finally wash it and the curl will be loosened. :cheers:

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