Japanese Hair Straightening Vs. Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Well, I don't know which would work better on my hair.
I REALLY need to do something. I'm mixed: Half black and half white. And my hair is nice when wet, but it dries extremely fast and gets poofy and frizzy. I just want it to be like this.


So which would work better & why?
Otherwise is there anything else I can do?



  • stragglerstraggler Posts: 31Registered Users
    I would only do BTK to my hair. I color and highlight it and the japanese process is so hard on it. There is breakage and your hair comes out like straw.

    The BKT left my hair smooth and silky and frizz free even in the most humid summer I can remember. I will definitely do it again.
  • theywilltearusaparttheywilltearusapart Posts: 15Registered Users
    Ah, thankyou. But, do you think it would work the same on
    mixed hair? (African American & Caucasian)

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