I found an awesome salon in MD/DC/VA area

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It is called Oasis Salon and it is in Rockville, Maryland. They are located in the Wintergreen Plaza on Rockville Pike. Here is their contact info: http://www.rockvilleliving.com/directory/listing/327

They don't have a website because they said they are redoing it and are picky about what they want and it isn't finished yet, but hopefully soon.

All of the stylist are Deva trained and Lorraine Massey has come down to the salon to do sessions and trainings with them (they have an album of pics so I know they were not lying :lol:) Everyone from the receptionist to the stylist were all very friendly, professional and just seemed excited to be doing my hair.

Cost is good too, $60 for a Deva Curl Cut. This is much cheaper than the 2 salons in Annapolis that both charge $100+

I can't say I love, love my hair because I think my hair is not liking the Deva product, but that is not the salons fault. Everything else about my haircut there was perfect :) I am going to add them to the CurlSalons section because I don't see them listed.
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    First of all, I LOVE your hair--- beautiful. I so wish mine were that long.

    Second, thank you for the recommendation. I am in Northern VA, but Rockvilles isn't too far.

    I do have a somewhat new stylist I adore here in Alexandria, VA. She is at Bazzak salon, and her name is Annetta. But I do like to experiment, and try out different salons now and then!
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    I know where that is!

    I was stationed @ Bethesda Naval.

    I live in Northern VA near Potomac Mills Mall now, but I get my hair cut by my sister when I visit NY.

    Unfortunately, not a lot of folks in VA know how to deal with 4a hair.

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