Australia anyone???

shorticurlzshorticurlz Posts: 1,056Registered Users
I've noticed most of you guys are in the U.S but just on the off chance that there are some Ozzie girls on this forum, does anyone know of a salon in Melbourne that will give a curly girl a decent cut?
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  • Lily123Lily123 Posts: 11Registered Users
    I'd love to know if there is anyone in Brisbane as well.

  • curlywurlygurlycurlywurlygurly Posts: 1,180Registered Users
    hey mdrb and lily123,
    it's great to have some more aussies on here. Have you dropped into the aussie swap board - we don't really use it to swap things but it's full of information about products etc.

    mdrb - there's a few suggestions for curly stylist in melb; i haven't personally tried any but I am contemplating trying Lucy at CAST in fitztroy. One of the other aussie girls (L i think) tried her out earlier this year and said she did a good job

    lily123 - check out the swap board I'm really unsure about brisban stylists as i'm in melb.

    you could both check out the vogue forums - they have some good suggestions on stylists as well.
    2 something Australian :toothy4:

    Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
  • Lily123Lily123 Posts: 11Registered Users
    Thanks Curlywurlygurly, I'll have a look on the Vogue forums. I've had a look around the Aussie swap board and gotten some great info. There's so much to take in for a newbie. There seem to be a fair few Aussies here, which is great.
  • shorticurlzshorticurlz Posts: 1,056Registered Users
    Thanks so much for replying! Its great to know there are at least a couple of Australians here. I will have a look on the swap board...and possibly look into CAST. :occasion5:
    Fine, very porous 3a
    Boycotting all brands owned by L'oreal
  • curlywurlygurlycurlywurlygurly Posts: 1,180Registered Users
    glad i was of some help to you both :D
    2 something Australian :toothy4:

    Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
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    If you find anything decent let me know!! I live in Elwood. I noticed on the Aussie swap board they refer to two Melbourne places, one is Red Rapunzel which is just round the corner from me, but I haven't had the guts to go in yet. I've been cutting my own hair for the last ten years because I don't trust anyone else to do it!
  • StrawberrySwitchbladeStrawberrySwitchblade Posts: 30Registered Users
    I reckon you should go for it!!
    I just recently got layers in my above the shoulder hair and couldn't be happier with the results! Curly hair is all about trial and error, and, who knows, you might find yourself wondering why you didn't go sooner.
    Good Luck!
    Aussie girl :wave:
    3b/a normal porosity, just past the shoulders (when straight), layered with caramel blonde highlights!
    Totally new to curls, but so far I love D-fine body at the roots spray, Organix shea butter shampoo and Herbal Essences Totally Twisted conditioner
    Sorry, but I LOVE straightening my hair!

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