TBS tea tree oil NOSE PORE MASK

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Does anyone have The Body Shop tea tree oil NOSE PORE MASK, besides me?

What does it smell like to you?

I'm asking because mine smells moldy-like, yet somewhat medicinal. Is that the normal scent? I've never smelled this or anything else before from TBS that contains tea tree oil.

Things I have/had or just sniff-tested from other companies that contain tea tree oil smell different, kind of like a fresh almost medicinal scent.

Maybe it's due to the different ingredients. I don't know. :?


  • one way streetone way street Registered Users Posts: 772
    I don't know if this will help, but I have Biore Nose stips, and they smell medicine-y. It has menthol, and I think it also has tea tree oil.
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