Recommendations for Gentle Effective Sunscreen

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I am looking for a good sunscreen for my almost 3 year old son - would like to try a natural and or organic product but hate using trial and error when I am going to spend what I consider extra money on a product.

I have a terrible time with him rubbing the sunscreen in his eyes...I know obviously it is not meant to get in the eyes but I just can't seem to get him to stop! All the "baby" products I have tried that are supposed to be not irritating and "as gentle as" water are not.

I was thinking about trying Burt's Bees but maybe there is something better.



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    i have heard very good things about Blue Lizard, but i believe it's an Australian company, so may be pricey to get your hands on in the US. California Baby is supposed to be very kid-friendly.
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    I use Clear Zinc or Blue Lizard. They have a physical barrier, not a chemical one.
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    nutrogena is a great brand its made by dermatologists and they have sunscreen for everyone!
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    I am currently finishing up my Aveeno sunscreen and after that I want to try Badger sunscreen ( ) as well as Mexitan (, Mexitan because it has an SPF of 50 and sometimes I need an SPF of 50. My skin burns quite easily.
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    My friend uses a Neutrogena Baby one on her 1 y-o. I can't remember the SPF, but I know it was more than 30. It's a chemical s/s, IIRC.
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    Hi, I can't say enough about colorescience sunforgettable spf 30 mineral sunblock. recommended by the Skin Cancer foundation. It goes on with a brush and is extremely waterproof. It is a physical barrier, zinc and titanium dioxide. Because it is a powder you can even ge it on their scalp if they are fair skinned, safe for children over 6 mos. under 6mos. with a Dr. check. I use the makeup since I use retin a and live in Florida. Check out the website We have it at the salon if you can't find some I can send it to you. Just send me a note [email protected]
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    Are these natural ones really white and streaky? I think I used one all over my body for the beach and it was very white and made my skin look purple and just horrible (I'm darker skinned). I've been using sunscreen regularly for the past few years but I dont think it's been good for my looks more tired and I'm not even sure if I need as much.

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