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Hmm, just scanned through a thread on the general curly hair board on this and wanted to ask: as I'm living in a hard water area, do I have to occasionly shampoo? Or alternatively get a filter? Is there something in the water that definitely builds up?

CG seems to be working well for me so far, so maybe I shouldn't worry before I have a reason to, but just wanted to know. The filter idea isn't a good one for me: I'm about to go off to uni (in another hard water area, typical) and we'll have shared showers.

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    I'd like to know, too!
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    I have to poo periodically for hard water. If I want my hair to look good I do it with at least low poo daily. A filter would definitely help, you'll just have to share with the others that used the shower I guess
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    I have extremely hard water with mineral deposits and I was strictly CO for a while my hair loved it. As long as your hair is doing good on it I wouldnt worry about it. If you start seeing any problems then the first thing I would think about is clarifying. If you color I would also use it before I did that because hard water build up definately effects the color process. If you go to a salon to get color you should tell them they have great products to use to get the build up off before coloring
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    I moved from wonderful slightly soft water to horribly hard water about 2 months ago and I haven't noticed any buildup problems yet. I do a baking soda rinse every other week or so though so that might be helping with it (after I'm done with CO I dump about 2 tbsp of baking soda mixed up in a big bowl with a lot of water over my head, and then rinse under the shower). Mainly what I've noticed I have to do different is add moisture.

    I've always been okay with just washing conditioner when I do a CO, but now I seem to require a 2nd conditioning C or else my hair is horribly dry. I'm using a lot more leave in too.
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