Kelis !

bridgete2010bridgete2010 Posts: 144Registered Users
Kelis has the best hair, no matter what she dyes it !
Here's a link to one of her fun, zany music vids (the company disabled embedding :disgust: )


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  • amnisaamnisa Posts: 2Registered Users
    Lol this video is crazy! And I love love her curls, the color job is awesome too :)
  • tinymandolintinymandolin Posts: 157Registered Users
    I think Kelis had a bad experience in a relationship at one point and this song is the result of it... :angel8:

    Love it. Kelis pulled off the crazy coloring. Now if I tried that? Well... let's not even try to imagine that... hahaha...
  • FoxyCleopatraFoxyCleopatra Posts: 412Registered Users
    I dare say she started my obsession with curly hair. I bought her first cd when I was 16 & I thought "I wish I could pull off her hair!" Maybe not the color, but I'm gonna have my big curly hair! :)
  • kalanekalane Posts: 424Registered Users
    kelis is one of the few people i actually think looks good w/ a bunch of different shade of hair color.
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  • bklyn_bellebklyn_belle Posts: 423Registered Users

    she loves her some color!!
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  • murrrcatmurrrcat Posts: 9,596Registered Users
    she has awesome hair!! and the colors!!

    yea I think only she can pull it off.

    i lub that video.:toothy10:
  • NaturalReviewNaturalReview Posts: 91Registered Users
    I miss her big curly hair. Even so, her hair always looks cute.

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  • VersaceCrazyVersaceCrazy Posts: 662Registered Users
    No one still has answered what they think is the best method to pull off her styles..

    I noticed that in most of the pics her hair is naturally curled but that a couple of the styles look like they were done with either some heat or some type of rods. What do yall think?