Aqueous Infusion of Henna

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So, I like my hair slightly redder than it usually is, but not flat-out henna red, and I have a hard time getting the mucky mess to stick to my roots. Right now in particular I need a subtle way to blend my full-hennaed hair and my unhennaed roots, especially since I don't want the roots to be as dark as the fully hennaed part.

It occurred to me that sometimes the red dye in the henna pools on top of the muck, so I decided to see if I could get any of the dye in the form of an aqueous infusion, and see whether that would have any effect on my hair.

So I put 100g of BAQ2 henna from into the foot of a defunct pair of tights, and boiled 2 cups filtered (too impatient to use distilled) water. When the water started to boil, I put the sock of henna into it, took it off the burner, covered, and left for around 12 hours. (This amount of time is probably not necessary, but it was more convenient for me to leave it.) The next day I stirred in some Optiphen (the preservative I have on hand) and some Jasmine scented oil.

The liquid is very clearly henna burnt-orange. If misted, the mist appears clear. I sprayed some and sprayed onto my roots after my CO wash last night. Results: at the end of the day I checked my roots under fluorescent light--and they look redder!

I will post comparison pics the next time I wear my hair curly. (My roots show much more when I do, so its current brushed out state isn't the best comparison.) Stay tuned for further results!

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