Alice in Wonderland

happycurls24happycurls24 Posts: 263Registered Users
Has anyone seen this yet?
I just saw this the other day. It was amazing!!!
And I am so jealous of Alice's curls... not so much the mad hatter's.....


Mad hatter:

Red Queen:
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  • MusicaMusica Posts: 12Registered Users
    I haven't watched the movie yet, but I love Alice's curls!
  • aislinaislin Posts: 864Registered Users
    Has anyone seen this yet?
    I just saw this the other day. It was amazing!!!
    And I am so jealous of Alice's curls... not so much the mad hatter's.....


    Mad hatter:

    Red Queen:

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED Alice's hair length, color, everything. Some of her outfits were pretty, uh, interesting too :-). Although it was obvious at some (or most? lol) points that it looked like it was curled with the curling barrel iron.
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  • curlywurlygurlycurlywurlygurly Posts: 1,180Registered Users
    I loved her hair too but I agree with aislin - curling iron for sure.
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    I saw the movie this past Saturday and loved it.
  • lldm2lldm2 Posts: 173Registered Users
    I didn't particularly enjoy it .... haha.
    I liked Shutter Island better.
    And I'm jealous of the Hatter's former curls! Back when the White Queen was ruling.

  • earlybirdiecurlsearlybirdiecurls Posts: 87Registered Users
    Oh, I loved her hair! I was thinking that when I watched the movie (I watched it the day it came out, March 5th). But yeah, I agree it's not natural.
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  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 10,840Moderators Curl Virtuoso
    Hey, thanks so much for pointing this out, HappyCurls!

    I made it into a little story:

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
  • wavyblondewavyblonde Posts: 1,637Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Alice's curls were beautiful! I was a little distracted by the fact that they never looked the same from one shot to the next, though.
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  • xodevinxodevin Posts: 478Registered Users
    Ahh, I loved Alice's curls. And the fact that every girl in the movie was curly for the movie! Yay!
    And they stood up to everything she had to do in all the scenes too. Gosh. Even when more brushed out looking, they were pretty!
    Oh, curling irons. :tongue6: Not fair.
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  • taylorswiftfantaylorswiftfan Posts: 25Registered Users
    yup, the movie was so good. and alice's curls were amazing!
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  • MitchellMitchell Posts: 30Registered Users
    It was a good movie by itself but it wasn't anything like the book. I mean it's not supposed to be like the book, it's alice RETURNS to Wonderland. But they don't tell you that when you buy the tickets. I think is a little false advertising. But I always love Tim Burtons work. He did direct it, right?

    I did like the hatters hair. He was cooky!!!
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