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I used to wear my hair in a ponytail ALL the time, because I didn't know how to do it in even a halfway stylish way and it was always annoying and frizzy and poofy. It took sooo much gel and hairspray to look even a little decent, and was so much work, I just said to heck with it and put in a ponytail. For 4-5years straight pretty much.

However, even when I said I hated it and wished it wasn't so curly, frizzy, poofy, whatever, deep down I always knew that I would never trade my curls for straight hair. I guess I hated the work and the effort it took to look nice more then anything. Deep down, I knew I loved my curls, they just seemed to fight me every step of the way. I never knew though, that curly hair was as shamed as it is, and it saddens me.

I went into Sally's the other day to look for different conditioners and clips. I asked the woman about the Curly Girl method and she had no idea what I was talking about, but if they didn't have every possible flat iron, straightening chemicals, shampoos, and what have you on the shelves! Then a girl in my CR club was wearing her beautiful dark hair in curls down her shoulders and was complaining about how she wished she had straight hair. Ugh, its so sickening and saddening.:(

I'm proud to have CURLY RED HAIR!!!! :):):)
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    :D 'Nother proud red curly right here! I know how you feel.
    I am Knight Valiant Red Riglets of Curlywood Forest and Theatrefriar of the Order of the Curly Crusaders!
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    I was the same way. I wore my hair down for the first time in years about 5 months ago. Now that I know how to style it I wear it down all the time :)
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