Africa's Best Organics

longlostcurlslonglostcurls Posts: 15Registered Users
Does anybody else here use the Africa's Best Organics line? I have been using it since my bc but i want to know if this works good for people with 3c hair.


  • sofi1925sofi1925 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Yea i use the carrot oil creme and it works great for me i am 1 month post 2nd BC. Not much use this line and i think most people should beacuse tit has some great stuff in these products and it contains no mineral oil or petroleum in the carrot oil creme i have i dont know about the other porducts but this line is great :hello1: . I am sorry u had to wait so long to get a reply to ur message though :? But hope this helps you


  • sheil75sheil75 Posts: 9Registered Users
    I do not know about the organics that you tryed but I have tryed the Africas best herbal oil on my dry ends and like it a lot. I am natural and doing the Curly Girl method so the fact that it has castor oil in it kind of scares me so i have not been using this as much. Someone said it is safe for CG use,but for some reason i am afraid of the castor oil. Let me know your thoughts.