Japanese Straight-Perm

Hi everyone. I'm still quite new to posting here. This is perhaps my 2nd post and my last one was over a year ago.

Anyway, ignore my listed hair type. I don't really know what my hair type is. It's on the curlier spectrum of wavy, but, not exactly uniform. Humidity can greatly alter it and Japan is a frightfully humid place.

I am not looking to straighten my hair per se. I love my wavy to curly hair, especially having only discovered it was as such a few years ago. I can't stand the frizz, though.

I heard from a stylist last year (and ramblings in various places) that the famed Japanese straight-perm had a version where it got rid of the frizz, but not the curl. I've been looking around online, but I can't find much info, and thought I'd go to the real source. I do speak Japanese, so, I can ask around here, but the knowledge-base on this forum astounds me, so, if you guys have info, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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