Homemade wax strips

I was wondering if anyone knew how to make your own wax strips. The directly applying wax to skin can get messy and chance of temperature of wax being too hot. Anyone have any idea?


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    * 1 cup sugar
    * Half a lemon for the juice
    * 1/4 cup honey
    * A little bit of Molasses if you have any like a drizzle
    * Cornstarch (to powder with for tautness making it more effective)
    * Something to spread the mixture with like a tongue depressor, popsicle stick, cheese spreader or spatula.
    * Cotton fabric (any old thing you can find or buy some strips at a store)

    Mix lemon, sugar, and honey in a bowl. Microwave on high for about 2-3 minutes, until it bubbles into a smooth consistency. Then stir and let it cool. This can be used warmed or not. ( although it works a bit better when it is warm, not hot ) Then use as you would regularly use wax. I use it all the time and it works well for me. I do my eyebrows and legs with it.
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    Thank you so much. :)
    So do you apply wax on to the cotton fabrics and then when ready to use warm the cotton fabric strip and apply to skin? I know the store brought strips say to rub in hands to warm up wax strips and then apply wax strips on to skin.
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    I never thought to do it that way I apply it the same way that I would regular wax. I suppose if you apply it to the strips first it would work, however I don't know how to store it. usually just place the jar that I made in warm water to make it a little softer, Note that it does not have to be hot, as the more you reheat it it will get harder. have you ever made like prailine candy? It is kind of like making that.
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    No I actually never made prailine candy. Sorry.
    I am just concerned with testing the temperature because of the chance of burning myself. My skin is super sensitive. Do you use a thermometer to test the temperature is warm not hot?
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    To be honest, if you make the recipe right, you don't have to heat it at all. it should stay pliable while room temperature. If you find that you have to add any heat at all, then you can put it in a glass of warm ( Not as warm as hot tea but a little warmer than body temperature) water to soften it up a bit. then apply and use strips. I have never burned myself, because with this recipe you don't have to make it hot. :D The first time you make it I would let it cool completely because the honey sugar can be very hot.
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    Thanks will do. 8)