Trouble with co-washing technique

I am on day 5 of Co-washing with Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze. I think I am a 2a and/or 2b with some crazy coarse 3 strands in there.

Hair seems to be OK, a little oily and itchy, but not in a dirty way. The flaking I was having before starting has lessened, I think it was the build-up of 'cones in my Dove shampoo plus dryness.

It's the actual process of co-washing that is frustrating me.

My hair is very thick/dense, so I feel like I have to use a TON of conditioner to work it through to my whole head. Also, I still end up with "dry" spots that don't get any conditioner. Shampoo lathers up, so I can usually work it through my hair, but the conditioner is just ending up "pooling" in places where I put it and then I have to continually get more for the remaining spots. It's making my shower take longer, and I think I'm going to go through the bottle of conditioner at an alarming rate. Good thing it's not expensive.

Am I doing something wrong?
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  • hookilauhookilau Registered Users Posts: 269
    nah, you're doing grreat!

    I takes practice I think ;).
    My hair is not very dense so it's a bit easier for me than what you've described. Have you tried sectioning?

    I hear a lot of the girls with thick hair do this to evenly distribute product and stuff.

    Do you use your wide toothed comb to detangle in the shower? This will also help to distribute.
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  • XcaliburGirlXcaliburGirl Registered Users Posts: 8
    Thanks for the encouragement, I've been a little tempted to just go back to my Dove with sulfates and silicone just because it was less hassle and my hair wasn't too bad. I really want to give this a fair try though. I think I will try the combing through, but I have to get a width-tooth comb.

    Actually, I spoke to soon about the oiliness . It was driving me crazy by the end of the day last night, so I tried the lemon in the cowash that was suggested on a different thread and that diluted the thickness of the conditioner so it spread out quite easily. I wonder if I just need to add a little water to the conditioner for the scalp so it doesn't get caught in my hair, and then use full strength on the rest of the hair.
    Currently using: CO daily with VO5 or Suave, shampoo with Selsun Blue once or twice a week. Condition with Garnier Triple Nutrition
    Holy Grail: Aloe Vera Gel
  • oddityofwingsoddityofwings Registered Users Posts: 1,261
    If sectioning doesn't work, you could always try watering your cowash down a bit. That should help it distribute a bit better.
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