Looking for a good recipe for Ambrosia Salad :)

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I love this stuff!! Would prefer a recipe w/o nuts, though! Thank you! icon_smile.gif


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    I call this my 5 cup recipe b/c it is one cup of 5 different things...

    1 cup Coconut
    1 cup mimi-marshmellos
    1 cup well drained pineapple
    1 cup well drained manderine oranges*
    1 cup sour cream

    * those litte oranges they sell them in a can -

    Enjoy!! icon_smile.gif
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  • **hairgasm****hairgasm** Registered Users Posts: 6
    Yum! Thank you icon_smile.gif
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    Thanks for posting the recipe! My grandmother used to make this stuff, but she's in Florida right now. The only thing she added to the salad besides what you've got is drained marachino cherry halves.
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    This is really good, and can be made with or without walnuts or pecans

    1 large container cool whip
    1 8 oz container sour cream
    green and/or red grapes
    granny smith apples
    orange slices (or canned mandarin oranges)
    marshmallows (I don't like them, so I use the big ones just as a garnish for people who do)
    lemon juice

    Combine all fruit in a large bowl (I just use as much as I want of everything). Pour lemon juice (about 1/2 cup) over all, and mix. Pour off excess lemon juice, then add whipped cream and sour cream and mix thoroughly. This is soooo good; and even though the lemon juice is mainly to preserve color of fruit, it also adds a nice little tang along with the sour cream and whipped cream. It is good!!!!!
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