Transitioning From A Press & Curl

AprilwhiteAprilwhite Registered Users Posts: 1
I started my transition Dec. 20, 2009. I stopped pressing my hair before I rolled it on rollers. Since December, I only washed, conditioned, and continue rolling my hair on magnetic rollers while wet. When I remove the rollers it is very curly but as the day goes on it starts to get straight and the curls collapse. It seems to stay curly for very short time. My hair is showing two textures now one curly and one straight. My question is, should I be using a product that will help the curl last longer or should I get twists, braids, or big chop to rid my hair of the straightness. I've heard that the natural process takes a while but does this time length apply when transitioning from a nonchemical process? Could you give me some advice on what would be best for style and for the straightness I'm still experiencing? I really love the ideal of not having to press my hair anymore.

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