herstyler flat iron?

sundaysunday Posts: 535Registered Users
anyone used this?
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They had a booth at the mall and it looked pretty great! The woman demonstrating used it to make curls and straighten. It's around $200.00.
3 something
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  • milamonstermilamonster Posts: 25Registered Users
    they used it on my friends hair. THey didnt do her whole had but she has like 3c and had alot of crap in it but it got it REALLY straight. i didn tbuy it cuz i didnt know how it would be on my 4a hair
  • CarolineKCarolineK Posts: 46Registered Users
    it works well! i also have a sedu and a babyliss, I am thinking about selling my her styler because I cut my hair and it is too short to straighten so if you would be interested in buying it, i would sell it for pretty cheap
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