at home texturizing...I need some advice

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I want to slighlty loosen and elongate natural 3b/c hair that is about 11 inches long but shrinks to about 5 inches or less in some area. There is tremendous frizz and I have to get in under control.

I remember reading some posts where people mixed relaxer with conditioner to slow down the process. Anyone know anything about that?

Please respond... I am doing this for my son who insists on having rockstar hair and refuses to cut it but can't manage it without lots of help from me and I'm exhausted after dealing with my hair and my daughter's 3b hair that is about 30 inches long.

Hope to hear from someone...

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    Kehcah, I will tell you my experience witha Silk Elements Texturizer.

    My hair is also 3b/c more 3c on the ends with wavey roots.My hair is also very fine and naturally thin. I wanted the 3c parts to match the roots, so I put a texturizer midway down, I did not do my roots because they would have turn out straight. I can not wear my hair in a curly puff anymore. My ends came out too straight.I have to wash my hair more often because by day two my hair is stringy. I normally washed my hair every 3rd day. My hair is wavey with about 3 inches of straight ends. This was a no lye texturizer, so it could have been to strong for my hair type. I have a friend who has hair like mind but thicker and she used the Phyto relaxer and her hair turn our great longer and curly, not straight one the ends.

    I have heard about adding conditioner but I did not do that. Just for me has come out with a softner and if you read the directions, they tell you to put this conditioner that come in the box on your hair first before you put the chemicals on. They will tell you this is not a relaxer but it is because it has lye in it.

    Hope this help.
    3b/c fine/thin ringlets. Natural since 1998-2006. I texturized the ends (3c) now 3a/b. Hair length when straight almost bra strap. Shoulder length when curly.

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