Preserving spritz made with marshmallow root

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Hi! I've made a detangling/moisturizing spritz that includes distilled, water, the mucilage from marshmallow root, aloe vera, and essential oils. I love how my hair feels when I use it, but I'm afraid my mix is going to go bad. I've only used, tea tree oil, vitamin e, and grapefruit seed extract (GSE) is my mixes so far since I normally stick to oils and butters for my mixes.

Can you tell me if these things are enough to preserve my mix or if I need something stronger?

Thanks in advance for any tips/suggestions!


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    Keeping it in the fridge will extend its shelf life. I used GSE and Vit E oil in my FSG and it lasts months.
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    Vitamin e oil will not preserve your mix. It will only keep oils from going rancid and since you don't have any oils in your mix, it serves only to add some conditioning value. Tea tree oil is also not a preservative but rather an antiseptic. It will kill some bacteria but not all. It will also have no effect on mold/fungus which can spoil many natural products. Effective TTO use is 0.25% by volume. I've read that Nutribiotic GSE must be used at about 6 drops per ounce of product. Check the website for official minimum use requirements. Any other brand will have a different strength and might need more or less drops per ounce.

    The combo if used in corect amounts should be adequate to preserve your concoction for a span of a few weeks to a month. I've left FSG out (not refrigerated) with only GSE in it for about a month w/o spoilage. But like Solidgold indicated if you refrigerate it, it will also last longer.
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    Thanks for your replies, Ladies! I will definitely keep it in the fridge just to be safe.

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