Recipes using Lavender and Aloe Vera

I recently bought a bottle of Lavender Essential Oil to make a lavender spray recommended in Massey's book. At the store, there were also bottles of aloe vera gel that I was very tempted to buy, but I couldn't remember the exact recipe it was used in. I'll probably end up going back and getting myself a bottle.

Anyways what recipes do you guys know using lavender oil, and what recipes do you know using aloe vera gel?
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    Lavender is my favorite EO! I use it in my FSG and also when I DC with jojoba oil I add some lavender.

    You can use lavender directly on your skin unlike most other EO. It is great for headaches!

    Just remember with all EO less is more so a few drops will do.
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    Lavender essential oil is great for scents so you u can pretty much use it in any recipe.

    Melt some shea, coconut oil, olive oil, and honey (optional) in a double boiler. Then pour it into a mixing bowl or container and mix in the aloe vera gel/juice. As it cools, Add some lavender oil for scent (You only need a few drops.
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