2006 Holiday Book Wish Lists (x-posted)?

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What are the top 5-10-15 books/authors you'd love to have in your goodie bag this holiday season?

Hairblogger's Top 15 Holiday Book Wish List Fall/Winter 2006

J.R.R. Tolkien (everything)
John Henrik Clarke (everything)
Alexandre Dumas, Sr. (everything)
Alexandre Dumas, Jr. (everything)
William Shakespeare (everything)
Stephen Hawking (A Brief History In Time)
Philip K. Dick (everything)
Isaac Asimov (everything)
Robert Heinlein (everything)
Barack Obama (everything)
Anthony T. Browder (Nile Valley Contributions...)
Dr. Seuss (everthing; I still collect his books )
Lorraine Massey (Curly Girl)
Andre Walker (Andre Talks Hair)
Jane Johnson (Goddess Hair & Skin Recipe Book; tba)
'Goddess Hair & Skin Recipe Book' devotee 4life!

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  • BipartisanCurlyBipartisanCurly Registered Users Posts: 7
    The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
    Why Men Marry B!tches --by Sherry Argov
    These are the only two I'm looking for right now. :roll:
    crazy hair!

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