I'm very new to the CG method, but I am super excited to continue. I'm a type 2b I think, though I could be wrong because I haven't seen my natural curls in a long time. My hair has been highlighted (badly, I had to get them to fix it, it was WAY too over processed & light) and is SOOOO frizzy. I did my first wash with Deva Low-Poo & One-Conditioner last night and the part of my hair that was highlighted is soooo frizzy and lacks much of my natural curl. I have no product in it, just air dried hair.

My question is, what products would you guys & gals recommend for battling frizz? I obviously don't want anything with silicone, but being so new to this I'm really confused about what would work for me.

I did many searches and checked out the product review section, but I'd love to hear if you have some suggestions. Thanks in advance, I love this site :)