I remembered when i had a compliment :)

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One day a girl who I am friends with came up to me and was like ooohhh your hair is soooo pretty! I hate my straight hair...ooohhhh :)

I was happy :)

Anyone else had real nice things said about their hair ?

Also can you all check out the 2's section and answer my question on whether a 'poo, Co' and styler are CG??

its called 'I am a happy curly'
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    A woman, complete stranger on a bus said to me that my hair was beautiful. I sort of demurred but she insisted. 'Your hair is beautiful - just beautiful." I guess I was having a good day!
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    Up until this year, multiple people told me the same thing:
    "You could be a model if you changed two of your qualities, you need to be much taller and straighten your hair."

    Well this year I took on a modeling job with a local photography studio who focuses mainly on senior portraits. He loved my hair and told me not to straighten it. Most of his models come in with super straight hair and he was glad for the change. The whole time he told me what great fan hair I had, how he loved the volume, and the curls really brought out my personality. I really loved hearing it, especially since it proved all the people who said models should have straight hair wrong. (And go shorties! Haha...)

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    I've noticed that in general, black women with natural hair tend to compliment each other's hair more than black women with straight hair mention each other's hair. I'm guessing it's because we think about our hair more often and are therefore more likely to really look at someone's hair.

    Me, My sister, some classmates, and a teacher are always complimenting each other. :D

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