Finally. I Did It! The Big Chop :)

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After almost a year of annoying, scraggly ends and putting my hair up in a bun, and hiding it under a beanie....I grew some kahunas and chopped of my hair!!! lol I was in the mirror and was like...f this aha! So I went away with the scissors and chopped away [not that there was much to chop! lol] anddd I still have some little permed ends but I'l get emm!
So far I haven't realy got any one but some of my family has seen it buttt they were like 'its okay' they werent shocked...which i was kinda dissapointed about lil bro said it was ugly but he is my 10 yr old brother so he doesn't count! aha

ANYWAY so to make this novel short my natural journey has finaallly began :)
^That was when I didn't have a relaxer for about a year and some months.
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    Congrats and you look great!
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    ^That was when I didn't have a relaxer for about a year and some months.
    current relaxer
    Natural: 4b
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    Congrats girl! You look fabulous! :)
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    Congratulations and welcome back to natural. lol
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    Too cute!
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    Seeing these threads always makes me so giddy!

    Your hair is beautiful and I commend you for transitioning for so long. Don't any pay attention to your brother. When I bc'd, mine laughed and told me I looked like our dad and a very scrawny boy. He then went on to say that he always wanted a brother...
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    Congrats to you on your BC :blob7:
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    Congrats:cheers:. So cute.
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    Congrats on your BC and your Natural journey... You look great :)