Looking for straightening air hot brush recommendations!

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I am looking for a good straightening brush that gets hot on its own (NOT the kind that needs to be accompanied by a hairdryer, since I am looking into not having to use 2 hands for 2 different styling tools). Something that literally can and should be used on wet hair to dry and straighten at the same time. In other words, NOT something like this: http://www.folica.com/Denman_Thermoce_d4124.html
...since apparently this Denman type needs a hairdryer to accompany it.

Any recommendations?


  • prettysinisterprettysinister Registered Users Posts: 67
    As far as I know, wet to dry stylers are pretty much death for curly hair. I don't even start blowing out my hair until it's already half dry. It takes more time, but my hair is so fragile that it's worth it not to damage it anymore than heat styling already does. Sorry I can't be more help :dontknow:
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    I have one by Rowenta and LOVE it, I suck at blow drying and can never do the whole "dryer on one hand while round brush in the other" gig. This is perfect, doesn't yank my hair out, dry it out or make it frizzy and is very easy to use. I have 3c hair...very much like this:


    I couldn't find the dryer anywhere...but it is Rowenta's Elite model look 1000w dryer with attachments, and it has like 6 different attachments.

    The closest thing I found online that resembles the one I use (when i use the round brush attachment it this:



    but mine doesnt rotate.

    hope that helped!
    *white lilies island 3b*

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