4 SALE Darcy's & KCCC

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New Natural Coil Curling Jelly & Daily Leave In- $20 +Shipping

KCCC 75% full - $10 + Shipping

I have way too much stuff and my hair is hardly curling alot :(.

I have Paypal and I have sold on Ebay so you can see my 100% feedback "iluvbfly".
Low Poo: Mastey Traite, GTTT
Conditioner: GVP,
Leave Ins: KCKT, Shescentit LI
Styling: ISO Bouncy Cream, DOC, HETT, KCCC

Still trying to figure out what hair i have lol!!.

Wanting to try: Darcy's, KBB and Botticelli Botanicals.:laughing6: