Can you run your hand through your hair?

I like to.
If I don't use the right products and stylers and stuff it'll frizz though.
What about you guys? And w/ waves or curls, that is? :wave:
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  • FairlyCurlyFairlyCurly Posts: 839Registered Users
    I can, but I don't b/c it'll mess up the curl pattern I spent all morning trying to get!
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  • wavyblondewavyblonde Posts: 1,637Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Once it dries, I can touch it a bit more. Sometimes I run my fingers through the front part because the curl pattern is tighter there and it likes to form weird clumps of its own. I often run my fingers through second or third day hair because I like it to look less curly and more wavy sometimes.
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  • xodevinxodevin Posts: 478Registered Users
    Yeah, I mess up my curls, but I'd rather have waves. On days like that though, the curls don't become looser, they just become pure frizz... lol Pony tailll! :D

    And same! My curls are way tighter right around my face! In the back they are so much wavier.... (sigh)
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  • AntjeAntje Posts: 94Registered Users
    2c waves curls.

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  • Gemini13Gemini13 Posts: 5,000Registered Users
    Ummmm, no, LOL. Well, I can if I go really slowly and detangle carefully. But, like you said, my hair doesn't end up wavy when I do this, it just becomes an absolute frizzed-out mess.
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  • MirCurlsMirCurls Posts: 2,660Registered Users
    If I want to keep my clumps, no. When my hair is nicely coily-clumpy-curled, the strands are together, naturally, so running fingers THROUGH is not possible. When I wake up with second day hair, I'll have tangles, so I will gently finger-comb to remove loose hairs and detangle before using a bit of water and conditioner on ends to refresh clumps/curls.

    Only when I totally finger comb or comb-out will I have the ability to run fingers through, cause, of course, I've disassembled the clumps.

    Today, I can do this. I'm totally combed out--yes, I'm a poufy girl--cause I wanted volume. So, I decided to have semi-curly/semi-frizzy pouf and I can, indeed, run my fingers through. It's real soft, too. :)
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  • heart-of-dixieheart-of-dixie Posts: 392Registered Users
    Nope. My hair strands touch each other and tangle.
  • wookiemousewookiemouse Posts: 295Registered Users
    I can in the shower! :)

    When it dries....I probably can, without a ton of tangles. But I don't think I've ever's been too engrained in me, DON'T TOUCH THE HAIR. I know I'd be pouf city if I did it.

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  • urbanmommyurbanmommy Posts: 155Registered Users
    Yeah, I can! Wait, I can run my hand over my hair. Not quite the same thing. :o

    When it gets longer, I won't be able to because my hair will frizz.
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  • tendrillytendrilly Posts: 183Registered Users
    Yes, and this is one of the ways that I test products. I want to have my hair soft and natural, and to be able to fluff my curls and run my hands through them during the day.

    If a product makes this impossible and my hair is coated and tangly (and then frizzy of course) when I try to run my fingers through it, then I nix that product off my list.
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  • SpiralliSpiralli Posts: 3,654Registered Users Curl Dabbler
    Not easily. I would tug a bit at some areas where there are tangles from blowing in the wind, tighter curls, etc. And it would make my curls stringy/unclumpy if I did, so that's generally a deterrent for me.
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  • KurleeEdnaKurleeEdna Posts: 714Registered Users
    Well... I can stick my fingers in my hair, but they'd get lost in the mass of frizz and need a GPS to find their way back out...

    I can only run my fingers through my hair when it's dripping wet with conditioner, otherwise... uh... noooo.
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  • StarmieStarmie Posts: 6,677Registered Users Curl Dabbler
    No, my fingers just can't get through. If I force them through I'll end up with a frizzy, pouffy mess.
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  • onethousandcurlsonethousandcurls Posts: 1,118Registered Users
    I can, but nothing on earth could persuade me to unless I was about to shower anyway. My hair rebels something awful at finger-combing it dry.

    But I like to...because it's so soft!
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  • oddityofwingsoddityofwings Posts: 1,261Registered Users
    If it's only recently dried, I can without too much trouble. At the end of the day, though, it's next to impossible.

    For a while I was finger-combing shortly after drying to break up the uber-clumps my very fine hair makes to create some volume. It worked pretty well, I just had to be careful and expect a bit of surface frizz. Since then, I've stopped super-soaking and begun applying product to semi-dry hair that's been combed and that seems to work better for volume.
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  • ladybottorffladybottorff Posts: 30Registered Users
    ummm... no... lol
  • hookilauhookilau Posts: 269Registered Users
    o gawd no :blackeye:
    unless I want to break up my curls and go frizzy.

    My curls are delicate little flowers...they don't like to be disrupted.
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  • nandiknitsnandiknits Posts: 260Registered Users
    No way. It's a physical impossibility with the amount of hair I have.
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  • Wild Curls Raquelle Wild Curls Raquelle Posts: 793Registered Users
    I could but scared of 2 things, one messing up the curls and two creating tangles & knots.
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  • redcelticcurlsredcelticcurls Posts: 17,502Registered Users
    I don't see why I would, lol.

    But, no, I can't unless it is wet or blown out straight.
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  • MysticSpiralMysticSpiral Posts: 1,024Registered Users
    I sure can! I only use products that'll allow me to do this, I want rough and ready hair, not display hair!
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  • redcelticcurlsredcelticcurls Posts: 17,502Registered Users
    How could one's fingers not get caught in curls is what I wold like to know, lol.
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  • xodevinxodevin Posts: 478Registered Users
    I sure can! I only use products that'll allow me to do this, I want rough and ready hair, not display hair!

    I feel the same! I've been experimenting with more products that let my hair wave more instead of scrunch to curl so I don't disrupt anything when I do it, you know?
    What do you use that works? Just curious, haha. :)

    And I know that when my hair was shorter and I styled it more spirally I wouldn't lay my fingers through it ever, lol... But lately I've been growing it out and getting fed up with 'untouchable' hair. :P
    curly hair and proud (:
  • redcelticcurlsredcelticcurls Posts: 17,502Registered Users
    I sure can! I only use products that'll allow me to do this, I want rough and ready hair, not display hair!

    Shoot, if I'm going to get rough and ready, I'm going to need a shower when I'm done anyway, hair or no hair. :lol:
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  • *Marah**Marah* Posts: 8,032Registered Users
    I can but it has to be all combed out or soaking wet.

    But once it's all dry.. no I can't just run my fingers straight though... I am glad I can't because I like big hair and I think running my fingers through it would mess it up.

    I am more of a fluffer. I fluff!
  • lizzlebelizzlelizzlebelizzle Posts: 287Registered Users
    I think that if I were able to run my fingers through my hair when it is dry, I wouldn't be achieving the kind of tightly coiled curls that I've been striving for. So it's a good thing that I can't!
  • MagooMagoo Posts: 2,173Registered Users
    Yes, but I don't because my hair would turn into a poufy, undefined, frizzy mess.
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  • Robin-in-FLRobin-in-FL Posts: 1,731Registered Users
    Nope. My hair strands touch each other and tangle.


    I've never had 'run fingers through' sort of hair, not even blown out, really. It's tangly hair.
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  • xodevinxodevin Posts: 478Registered Users
    For some reason my curls just pop back into place when I run my hand through them. However, my top layers are almost naturally straight (weird...). Maybe that makes a difference, really only my bottom most layer has a few curls in it, the rest is wavier.
    I know hair type doesn't matter much, but sometimes my hair makes me wonder, lol....
    curly hair and proud (:
  • wavyRwavyR Posts: 129Registered Users
    i can. i'll just be rockin' a fro afterwords.
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