Curls Whipped Cream for Sale or Swap (for Curls Souffle?)

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My Curls Whipped Cream is just too heavy for my hair type! I'd love to swap it for the Curls Souffle to try it, or Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner... Or anything, really, try me! It's the 8 oz jar and has been used; maybe about 20% is gone? If I can't trade it, I was thinking to sell it for maybe $13 inclusive of shipping in the USA? I do prefer Paypal for payments.

I've got feedback on Makeup Alley under "tokyofro", and both buyer and seller feedback on eBay here: /home/leaving?" class="Popup

Thank you very much for looking!



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    Is it like cocoa butter, or like frosting?
  • pixeldustpixeldust Posts: 7Registered Users
    It's like a vanilla scent, with a tiny hint of coconut. =)
  • pixeldustpixeldust Posts: 7Registered Users
    ahtnamas wrote: »
    Is it like cocoa butter, or like frosting?

    Sorry if you got this reply twice! I'm not sure if replied directly to you or not the first time...


    It's a bit of a vanilla scent with a tiny hint of coconut. =)