curly girl book!!!! :)

ok so today i got the curly girl book YAYYYY. i was so excited lol. i read it ALL. anywho the only thing that got me was the little questionnaires for wavy, botticelli, corkscrew. the wavy said flat at the crown or whatever and it said if you had wavy hair when you were young. when i was younger. i used to brush my hair ALL the time and i was just a frizzy mess. but it was wavy so im thinking its bc i brushed it. when i was 1-4 i had a curly mess that my mom didnt kno what to do with it but when i stopped brushing my hair i started getting those tight S's like in my avatar. but now my hair is shorter (like a little past my shoulders but its layered) and it seems like the top weighs down my curls (its highlighted). i have ringlets if my hair likes me that day sometimes its just a frizzy mess that takes a little too long to dry. sorry for rambling but the questions i wavy or botticelli and should i try plopping to get better volume and body on top of my hair?
3a, normal porosity, fine texture, normal elasticity
experimenting with:
co-wash: suave naturals
rinse-out: tresemme naturals moisturizing conditioner
other products: nothing yet