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Jessicurl WDT or CJ Hibiscus and Banana Deep Fix?

I don't know which one to get, I love the Island Fantasy scent, but I really want to smell the CJ banana smell. Has anyone used both, if so which one was better?
mod. CG 2C-3A/M/iii
Fotki album and journal updated: 10/01/07
password: springlet

Currently: Trying to stop straightening so much. Using Elucence conditioner and whatever works for me.
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  • Ab-starAb-star Posts: 1,128Registered Users
    Okay I've only used the Jessicurl DT but I do use the CJ leave in (and I'm sure it smells similar to the Deep Fix). Based on smell alone I vote for the CJ.
    pw - jack

    Going natural for the summer...just a dab of ArcAngell!
  • IwantcurlyhairIwantcurlyhair Posts: 338Registered Users
    I really liked the CJ Banana Deep Fix. It smells wonderful! However, I've used WDCT for the past year and I'm very happy with the results. It's the one product that I don't think I will ever change out of my routine. The CJ Deep Fix was my second favorite DT and if I were to want a change from my usual products I would definitely use the CJ. I like the smell better of the CJ Deep Fix much better though.
  • StarmieStarmie Posts: 6,753Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I've voted for the CJ but to be honest, I really like them both - not much to choose between them in terms of results on my hair, CJ seems to make it marginally softer and smoother, that's all. I've nearly finished my tub of CJ and will be returning to WDT as I can get it here in Australia. Prefer the scent of CJ, not a lover of the Island Fantasy.
    3b in South Australia.
  • redcelticcurlsredcelticcurls Posts: 17,502Registered Users
    They both perform about the same for me.

    As far as scent, I like the CJ, then the Island Fantasy then the Citrus Lavender.
    Kiva! Microfinance works.

    Med/Coarse, porous curly.
  • kimmyckimmyc Posts: 551Registered Users
    I've used them both. I like Jessicurls a bit better. It seems a little more moisturizing to me and I like her Citrus Lavender scent.

    The CJ one would be my 2nd favorite DT though. It is very good and I like the smell but not as much as Citrus Lavender.
    2b/3a, primarily use Jessicurl and DevaCurl products, Curls Hair Tea conditioner and various gels. I'm modified CG-ish since 5/04.
  • SnarlsSnarls Posts: 2,537Registered Users
    I've used full-size containers of both & I always go back to the CJ. Somehow I think the CJ is more conditioning, while the WDT may be, as kimmyc says, more moisturizing. It's really hard for me to distinguish between those 2 qualities. The CJ leaves my hair smoother and clumpier, which is why I think it's more conditioning.

    My assessment of scent is completely out of whack with everyone else on nc.com so no comment there, except that I can pretty much get used to just about any scent over time.
    formerly Castella
    (my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)
  • Gemini13Gemini13 Posts: 5,000Registered Users
    I really like the CJ dt. The Jessicurl one didn't do anything for my hair, unfortunately.
    Brooklyn, NY

    Hair: 3A/B, Underlayer of 2B
    HG products:
    Winter- Giovanni Tea Tree (co-wash) & 50/50 (condish); Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Leave-In; Curls Milkshake & Quenched Curls; Re:coil; BRHG
    Summer: DevaCurl No Poo & OneC; CK; Re:coil; BRHG; Honey!!!

    fotki pw= crrrls
  • medusahairmedusahair Posts: 3,515Registered Users
  • one way streetone way street Posts: 772Registered Users
    Thanks guys, since I already have an idea of what Jessicurl products are like, I'll think I'll try the CJ.
    mod. CG 2C-3A/M/iii
    Fotki album and journal updated: 10/01/07
    password: springlet

    Currently: Trying to stop straightening so much. Using Elucence conditioner and whatever works for me.

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