Experimenting with ingredients pays off!

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So I got a wild hair and decided to combine vegetable oil and honey with the conditioner I use for my cowash, Giovanni smooth as silk. Usually when I use it by itself it's not detangled as much as I'd like. But this time, here's what I did:

1. Washed my scalp with the conditioner first, rinsed it out

2. Added more conditioner to my palm, eyeballed the amount of vegetable oil and honey and washed it through my hair, and my scalp as well.

3. Let it sit on my hair for as long as it took to do my other shower stuff (wash my face, shave legs, etc...)

4. Worked it through once more to detangle before rinsing it out with lukewarm water.

5. Turned off water and used a dime size amount of regular conditioner to put through soaking hair, used as a leave-in.

6. Plopped my hair in a T shirt and then added a light foam mousse (Giovanni Air Turbo Charged foaming mouse)

7. Look awesome.

I'm hoping that my hair gets more shine, it's definitely softer than it usually is so we'll see how it looks after it dries.

I'm excited!

So now it's dried and there's no frizz, at all! It's amazing. My curls are super soft and I'm surprised I did this and my hair didn't fall out. yay!
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