The Skin Type Solution by Dr Baumann

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Anyone here try this? Do you swear by it? Or did you try it and it didn't work? Either way I'm probably still going to go out and buy it.

I don't have terrible skin, but it has its problems--it's never been great ever, I always have at least a few little "bumpy" pimples and blackheads on my nose, but I think it could be due to dehydration rather than acne-prone skin, because the anti-acne products just KILL my skin--I get ultra red and flaky. I also have some slightly red areas on my face, around my nose and my chin. So I'm hoping a new skin routine will help, especially since I know the soap is bad for my skin (yes I use a very generic non-moisturizing bar soap on my face, very drying and harsh, but it's been better than other cleansers), and I use a drying alcohol-based toner, too, so I know my skin could use a change.

Any input would be appreciated!
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    Are you refering to Dr.Baumann? :)
    I have the book. you answer lots of questions & find out your skintype.
    Then she has different recs for cleanser/makeup...

    I find it funny & informative, most of the products are easily affordable too.
    Maybe you can borrow it, I dont really think its worth the hype.
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    Oh yes sorry that was who i was referring to! I actually just bought it. I'm going to give it a try, but I noticed that some of the products she recommends for my skin type (which it's crazy how she hit the nail right on the head with my shin type) didn't work for me in the past, but that could likely be due to my not using the right combinations. I still think it's worth a shot, though, so I'm excited to give it a chance!
    2c/3a modified CG
    HG product: AG Recoil... Searching for others...
    HG method: pixiecurl method of drying. I'll never go back!
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    I would try to get the book at the cheapest price you can. I got it, and while it's interesting, it was not very helpful for me.

    You're basically buying the questionnaire. My issues with the questions were that so many were terribly vague and subjective (for instance, did your mother look her age at 40, or younger, or older? Well, come on. What DOES 40 look like?! There's no picture or explanation!). Also, many questions require that you knew your grandparents. I very much would have preferred quantitative questions, like counting the number of freckles on your hands.

    The skin type system also wasn't particularly helpful for me, as apparently I truly have combination skin. I scored one point shy of oily, so I'm one point. The same for pigmented/non-pigmented. Basically, I ended up reading 4 different skin types and product recommendations and I'm not really wiser. Since I've had eczema for years, I already knew my skin was sensitive.

    As for the product recommendations, eh. Some I'd already tried and found not to work for me. Others are already off the shelves or the formulas changed. I focus more on the ingredients to look for, and the ingredients to avoid.

    I just didn't find that I fit into a nicely defined skin type, just like my hair doesn't seem to type easily. But I can see how the system would be very useful if you do fall exactly into one of the types.
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