Roux Fanci-Full Temporary Color Rinse

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Any reviews? I don't LOVE the ingredients at all. But most rinses have some bad ingredients it seems. Bigen has less offenders than other brands but some say it makes your hair fall out. I did read somewhere on here that there's a way to make RC semi permanent but semi permanents tend to act like perm color on my spongy hair. I'd really like to try something truly temporary.


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    The roux Fancifull works OK and is indeed temporary. When I used it I put it on under the gel.dab it on your roots with a cotton ball. It will wash right out on your next shampoo.How would you make it semi permanent? Add peroxide?
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    It's a tad drying. When the label says it's conditioning, that's a lie. I've been using it to tone down the brassiness of my highlights. I just dab it on certain areas. It doesn't really darken - it just makes your hair look ashier versus golden.
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    Thanks ladies.

    @crwritt: I think you can leave the RC color on for less time and its supposed to act like semi perm color. Don't quote me on that though! I saw it in a thread a while back.
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    I tried it today the steel gray to see how it looks on my blonde ombre curls and its a mix of grey, silver, and my natural brown. It does look ashy but my curls are still normal and it looks great to me. I may do this often and try the other colors just to see how I like them.

    I washed (ouidad) and conditioned (ouidad). I did the CG method as well, no gel or mousse just the rinse , microfiber plop, and low diffuser and boom, the curls are there and the color is pretty nice.

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