Any Experiences to share?

kpricesterkpricester Registered Users Posts: 6
Hi all! I'm new here and I'm considering getting a Brazilian Blowout and was wondering if anyone has had it done and has an experience to share. I've done my fair share of research on it, as I have never had any process done to my hair before (no coloring, straighteners). I'm wondering how much it loosens the curl, I'm looking at the treatment because hoping to be able to wear my hair curly 60% of the time (right now I'm blowing it out once a week)

If you have anything positive or negative to share it would be greatly appreciated! And to clarify, I'm not referring to Brazilian Treatments in general, I've looked at the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Coppola Keratin Treatment etc. I'm talking about the name brand Brazilian Blowout, website here as I understand that it is different from some of the other treatments. Thanks!

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