Newbie, and trying to figure out this language!

So, I get that CG stands for Curly Girl, but there is so much more "shorthand" used on the forums that I have no what they stand for. Especially when people are listing the products they use. I am really interested in these products, but don't know what the shorthand means on them. Is there a place I could go to figure this out? Also, I am really confused on my hair type. I was thinking I was a 3a, but not sure. I also have wavy hair, especially as it gets longer. I will have to take some pictures and post them so that ya'll can help me decide.

:blob7::blob7: I am a newbie, so I am just getting started on here. I just did a pure virgin coconut oil treatment on my hair, and it looks great!!

:dontknow: The main problem I am having on here is trying to determine my hair type. Looks like 3a, but it can be just wavy at times too being as it is getting longer.

Don't understand some of the short terms on here. Figure out what CG meant though! LOL!

;) Looking forward to making some new curly girl friends on here!


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