Eco Styler with Olive Oil

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I have fine dry easily made flat 3a curls. Most gels and mousses have not worked for me because they dry my hair out or my hair is stringy and flat within a few hours. I had read about the clear Eco Styler on this forum and alot of people loved it. At Sallys they were out of the clear one so I tried the one with olive oil. It is very thick. I have found the best way to use is to let my hair almost dry then wet my hands with water rub about a dime size amount into my hands and scrunch it into my hair, mostly on the ends. It's not to heavy that way and holds my hair almost all day. Usually close to the end of the day I have to wet my hands and scrunch again without anymore of the gel.
Willow Moon
3a, thin, fine, porous
Tresemme Radiant Volume for Co-Wash
Suave Mango Mandarin for Co-Wash
Rosehip Seed Oil 5 drops after Co-Wash
White Rain Hair Spray when hair is damp/dry

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