Looking for perfect rich plum shade!! Any suggestions??

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I am obsessed with coloring my hair but I'm trying to treat my hair as gently as possible. I'm new to the CG method and I'm loving it. A few weeks ago, I used natural instincts 32 Egyptian Plum. I didn't leave it on long enough but I'm enjoying the rich color. I may use just the same color again. However, I'm open to other suggestions. Does anyone recommend a beautiful, rich deep plum color that doesn't turn out black or too reddish. I want my hair to look deep brown with tinge of purple indoors but outdoors look a vivid purplish/red. I'm even open to mixing two different shades.

I've been considering Colorsilk, Ion, Wella Color Charm.

I just can't afford going to the salon every 6 weeks.

Any and all help is appreciated!!!
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    NI Egyptian Plum was going to be my suggestion! :) Over the years I've tried lots of different plum/burgundy shades, and so far this one works best with my natural haircolor. It seems like the shades that are more purpley (which I like) end up being way too dark. My hair is pretty dark to begin with so it's hard for me to get really vivid color.

    I've used Colorsilk and it was good, just not quite the color I was looking for. I haven't tried the other two you mentioned. Personall I'm sticking with semi-permanents for now, at least until my grays start running rampant, lol. But if you find a better shade of plum please be sure to come back and post about it. ;)
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