Low Carb Ice Cream - oooh so good!

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I've been playing with this recipe for a week or so, trying to get the kinks out of it! I think I've finally gotten the technique down well enough to share.

Basic recipe

1/3 c whipping cream
6 regular size ice cubes
1 pkt equal
1 pkt Sweet n Low
1 tsp vanilla extract
few dashes of salt.

For flavors:

Pistachio - 1 drop of green food coloring and 15 pistachios

Almond - 15 almonds and dash of almond extract

Berry - strawberry, blueberry, raspberry etc. - about 1/3 cup of frozen fruit, your choice

Throw in blender, make sure ice is well ground, freeze for 30 minutes.

Secrets- Full cubes don't grind well, either put them thru food processor, or do like I do, put them in baggie and pound the daylights out of them with a hammer.
- I have no idea why it calls for two different kinds of sweetener, I used Sweet'n Low only
- The more time it gets in the blender the better it tastes.
- Take the fruit out of the freezer and let it defrost slightly first. Whole strawberries are worse than ice cubes for trying to break up when frozen solid.
- add all the extras at the end. It leaves nuts and berries in larger chunks

NB - I tried making double batches so I didn't have to dirty the blender two days in row (yes I'm lazy). This ice cream freezes way hard. If doing ahead put into individual serving dishes so you don't have to carve it with a sharp knife.

It's super easy to make, tastes great, and is so decadent for someone on a low carb diet. I put mine in small cut glass dishes for extra 'I'm Special treatment'.

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