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Hello. I have mostly been lurking on these boards and have learned a ton! I recently discovered how wonderful homemade fsg is. Nothing was working on my hair until I tried this stuff! My question has to do with scenting it. I like tart and fruity smells in hair products like GF stuff. What eo should I try and where can I get it. Also, 8 year old ds is intrigued with my homemade stuff and wants his own gel with a more "manly" smell. What eo could I try for him?

Thanks much!
[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]still trying to figure out hair type
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dt: once a week tigi oatmeal and honey


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    Hmm... I'm not so sure how tart/fruity these essential oils are, but there are a bunch of citrus eos, such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, and lime. You could also try something floral such as rose or jasmine.

    As for something more "masculine", you could try things like sandalwood, cedarwood, or clove eos.

    You can typically find essential oils at your local health food store - I know Whole Foods has a decent selection. If you can't find them locally, there are many, many websites you can buy them from. I've used before & would recommend them.
    2a/2b/2c - I've experienced them all :iconbiggrin:

    Still not sure about porosity/protein... my hair takes forever to dry & products often weigh it down, but I like protein. Thus I'm confused.

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