New here and tired of blow drying!

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I am a 32 year old woman who has been blowing her hair straight for 15 years now. I am pretty tired of it, and would love to be able to wear my hair naturally. I seem to fall into the 2c category - wavy, very thick, and frizzy.

When I was young my hair had Shirley Temple curls. As I got older my hair got frizzier and lost the defined curls. As a teenager I got many spiral perms in order to have more defined curls. After high school I started blowing straight, and haven't gone back since.

My hairdresser actually laughs at me whenever I ask him if there is a way I can wear my hair naturally and still look decent...Something with less work than blowing it out every other day. However, I am determined to find a way, and I hope this site will help.

I look forward to exploring and finding new things to try.

2C - medium length, wavy, thick, frizzy :love2:


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    Hi, welcome!
    I'd find a new hairdresser if yours has that attitude! Of course you can wear your hair naturally and be beautiful.
    You may want to consider trying the "Curly Girl" method... you may find your defined curls coming back once you give your hair a chance to recover.
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    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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